Monday, 11 November 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..

...Ok, so maybe it's not really that close, but Christmas is hands down my favourite time of year, so who can blame me for being excited over my first red cup of the season?! Earlier this week, my mum and I needed to pop into town to sort my passport, and surprise surprise ended up shopping.

- shopping - salted caramel hot chocolate -

I'll be honest, unlike the rest of the internet I very rarely go into Lush, which is probably down to me either leaving as a result of a headache from fumes or not being able to part with the prices. Granted, Lush is a lot cheaper than many stores, but I often can't bring myself to splash in there when I could be spending in Topshop or Boots instead. However, after seeing many posts of 'The Christmas Penguin' flooding my dash, I couldn't resist. 

 Whilst in there, I spotted the infamous lip scrub which has more than done its round on the blogosphere. I'll be honest, originally I wasn't entirely sold on spending over £5 on something I could probably make myself, but in the end laziness and curiosity took over and I snuck the popcorn one into my basket!

However, I can now admit that I have been fully converted! This tastes so so good, and works a lot better than I'd expected to. Coming from a sufferer of coldsores (which are as bad as you can imagine) this definitely helps to keep chapped lips at bay. My only worry now is wanting to splurge on yet more Lush products...

Any recommendations?

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