Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Random Access Memories

Recently I've bought a few things so I thought that I may as well post about them! 

Firstly is an OPI nail polish, in the shade 'My Very First Knockwurst', which is part of the Germany collection. I didn't actually buy this myself, and when my mum brought this home I was a bit disappointed at first as I thought it looked like a worse version of Essie - Fiji. 

In the bottle, the colour looks like a really pale pink, and as I'm not a massive fan of the formula of OPI polishes (although I normally end up buying them because of how much I love the colours) I thought this would just be a let down.

Surprisingly I actually really like it, and it is a lot less like Fiji than I had expected, as it has a slight grey/beige tone to it making it different to anything else I own! Even though I'm still not a massive fan of the application - it left with me with visible brush stroke lines even after the three coats it took to make it opaque - once I used my seche vite topcoat it had much more of a smooth and glossy finish and prevented my nails from any marks and/or indents.

Earlier today I took a trip to Topshop, planning to just look and not to buy anything... oops.

These are the things I left with me! However (although this is just me trying to justify them to myself) I have wanted this dress for months but haven't been able to justify the price, and when I walked in today it was on offer with £6 off!
The top was only £14.40 (I love student discount) and months ago I wanted the similar version in white, however I was put off because white doesn't suit me. Luckily, they brought this version out in a darker colour, and the material also has a much nicer feel than the original which makes the top feel more expensive than it actually was. Also, I wear a lot of grey (how boring) so this is quite a good staple as it can be dressed up or down, and it will be easy to throw on for sixth form.

~Ps, sorry for the awful photo quality and the fact the clothes look like they're taken from an eBay add, the lighting in my bedroom is awful and my bedroom is cluttered at the moment because I keep putting off tidying it~

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